zondag 26 februari 2012

feest in Multan!

Op 10 februari was er feest in het revalidatiecentrum Umeed Gah in Multan want ze bestonden 20 jaar oftewel ze hadden 20 jaar JOY achter de rug!!
Nadat we hun via de mail hadden gefeliciteerd kregen we dit bericht terug:

Thanks for your wishes. Yes we had a big program with the children presently in the centre and the old ones with their families. We invited some other people too. 
It was a great ! Our chief guest was the ex forgin minister who signed the UN convention for the rights of special people for Pakistan. It was a historical day for us and it encouraged us a lot. We are sending some photos. The program was in a marrage club. 

 Ook stuurden ze enkele foto's mee van het feest.